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Simple Spring Flower Wreath

Spring flower wreaths are the perfect way to start decorating your home for spring.

You can place them anywhere in your home, but I love spring wreaths for the front door. Make this beautiful spring wreath with simple tissue paper flowers and branches.

Spring flower wreaths are the perfect way to start decorating your home for spring. I love spring wreaths for the front door. Make this beautiful spring wreath with simple tissue paper flowers and branches.

This beautiful spring flower wreath is the perfect way to decorate your front door. Even if spring has not arrived at your house, the colorful flowers will remind you it is not too far away, hopefully!

And to add a little more nature to the wreath, the wreath form is made from branches trimmed from a tree (never throw away good wood). I partnered with Spellbinders to create this fun new spring wreath for the front door and love how excited I am to add even more flowers to my decor.

Beautiful tissue paper flowers on a log wreath form. The perfect spring flower wreath.

My favorite thing about spring is the flowers! I love when the new flowers start to grow and bloom in our flower garden.

Even though I cannot keep flowers alive indoors (all the hard to kill plants tend to just be leaves), I have perfected the easiest, low-maintenance flower garden with lots of perennials that come back each year. You can find me searching through the mulch impatiently waiting for little sprouts of spring.

Create a beautiful spring flower wreath for the front door. Yellow and pink tissue paper flowers on a wreath frame made of logs.

This year I decided I needed a new spring wreath for the front door. The hot air balloon wreath I made last year just didn’t store well.

But I also LOVE making wreaths. It is the perfect way to decorate for every season. So this year I decided I needed a fun spring flower wreath. Especially since the flowers are not going to be sprouting up anytime soon.

So while the snow was falling outside, I turned my craft room into a flower shop. I decided to use the Spellbinders Simple Anemones steel rule die. The steel rule dies are great because you can cut a lot of layers in just one pass. I was able to cut enough tissue paper for 2 flowers each time. Easy peasy!

Yellow and pink flowers on a wreath made from tree branches on a green door.

But after I made the beautiful tissue paper flowers for my spring wreath, I realized I hadn’t thought about what to put them on. Of course I could easily go for a traditional wreath form, even a grapevine wreath would be beautiful, but that is not how I roll.

I happened to have a small branch left over from the woodsy fall log wreath I made a couple years ago (yes I am a wood scrap hoarder). I knew the delicate spring flowers would be beautiful on a log wreath. And using old branches means its free!

A beautiful spring flower wreath on a green front door.

Now my front door looks just like spring! The spring flower wreath is perfect on my green door. I love the sweet little tissue paper flowers and the simple log frame.

Now if only Mother Nature will get the hint and bring back spring because this is what our front yard looks like. YIKES!

A snow covered yard with two trees.

How to Make a Spring Wreath from Branches


To make the log wreath frame

I used branches that were trimmed off a tree. My branches were about 1 1/2″ in diameter. Cut 4 pieces of branches so they are at a 45 degree angle on the outer ends (like a picture frame). Cut 2 that are 14″ long and 2 that are 10″ long (or whatever size you want for your front door wreath).

To secure the logs into a frame shape, start by hot glueing the corners together. This is great because it dries quickly (and this round/odd shaped logs like to move around a lot). Make sure the fronts of the frame line up as nicely as possible, but don’t worry about perfection because the moss and flowers are great for hiding weird corners.

Cut branches to turn into a frame for the simple spring flower wreath.

Once you have the logs secured with glue, turn the frame over and secure with mending plates and wood screws. The hot glue will not hold the wreath together on it’s own (you can read about how I learned about that here). My branches were very hard, so I predrilled pilot holes for the screws.

Secure the branches of the spring flower wreath with mending plates and screws.

Attach a piece of ribbon to the top corners of your log wreath frame. I used burlap ribbon. Attach it with hot glue and a screw so that it can support the full weight of the log wreath.

Attach ribbon to the top of the spring flower wreath to hang it.

Turn the wreath frame back over. Use the hot glue to add moss to the corners and randomly over the frame. The moss is messy and falls apart easily. I used a good amount of hot glue, but make sure not to burn your fingers and use an old pencil to push the moss onto the glue.

Glue moss to the frame in the corners and randomly around the logs of the spring wreath for front door.

To make the tissue paper flowers

Cut squares of the tissue paper in the colors you want. I cut the entire stack of the color I wanted (about 6 layers) and then folded it in half so I was cutting 12 layers of tissue paper on each pass.

Lay the steel rule die on top of a cutting plate, then lay the tissue paper over the shape of the petals on the steel rule die. Top it off with the second cutting plate and run it through the Platinum die cut machine.

Cut out a coordinating color of the star shaped part of the die too.

Cut the tissue paper with the steel rule die to make spring flowers.

To assemble the flowers, add hot glue to the back of a pom pom and stick it to the center of one of the star shapes. Press the points of the star up around the sides of the pom pom.

Then add more glue to the back of the pom pom piece and repeat with a second star shaped piece.

Create the center of the tissue paper flowers with pom poms.

Cut a piece of floral wire. It only needs to be a few inches, long enough to hold onto, but most of it will be cut off in the end. Using the pliers, create a little circle on the top of the wire, then twist it so that it is flat on the top.

Add a bit of hot glue to the wire circle and stick it to the bottom of your pom pom piece.

Create a stem for the spring flowers with floral wire.

Use the smaller petals for the inside of the flower. Add a tiny bit of glue to the bottom of a petal and pinch it around the wire under the pom pom center.

Start adding petals to the flower center and pinch around the floral wire.

Add a second petal and pinch it around the wire about 1/4 turn away from the first. Repeat with 2 more petals until you have surrounded the center. Add more if you want the center fuller. Some flowers I added 4 center, some have 6 centers, and one has 8. Just depends on your mood.

Then repeat with the outside petals. Start with 4 and add more if you want.

Add petals to the flowers for the spring wreath until they are full.

Once you are happy with how full your flowers are, wrap the glued ends with a little bit of floral tape. This will finish off the flowers very nicely.

Add floral tape to the ends of the tissue paper flowers.

Make as many flowers as you want for your spring flower wreath. I also made some to look like they were just blooming by just using 4 inner petals and keeping them closer around the center pom pom.

Create flower buds with just a few petals close to the center pom pom.

To attach the flowers to the log wreath form, cut off the extra wire and add hot glue to the floral tape part. Press it onto the wreath where you want it and hold until the glue dries.

Cut the excess wire off the back of the flowers then glue them to the spring flower wreath.

Attach all your flowers and hang it up! Now your home is a bit more like spring with all those beautiful flowers, even if it is still snowing outside.

Square wreath made out of branches and tissue paper flowers to make a spring flower wreath.

Happy almost spring!

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Thursday 8th of March 2018

This came out great! I just recently made a couple of small wreathes out of a vine-y (is that a word?) weed that was taking over the back part of the yard. I'm so pleased that I can literally make a treasure out of trash, and I love finding your post and to discover that I'm not the only one.

Question about your glue gun - in the post, you link to just about the same one I have, and I hate it because it falls over all the time. But in the photo, it looks like you have a Ryobi one that appears to be rechargeable batter powered? I didn't know that existed. Do you like it?


Friday 16th of March 2018

I love that you made a wreath out of the weedy vines. Yay for free! I actually made a wood glue gun stand to hold my glue gun up because yes it falls over a lot! I've had it for years and it still works great, I bought new ones that didn't work very well at all. The Ryobi one is great. I just got it for Christmas. It is a large glue gun so I use it for big projects and the mini one for smaller ones. The Ryobi one does burn through batteries if I leave it on while taking my time to craft, but I have 4 so it's not a big deal.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.