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Faux Metal Wall Vases

Decorate your home on a budget with these faux metal wall vases made from paper!

I’m reaching for my favorite easy craft medium for home decor again… paper! 

Using paper crafts for home decoration is the perfect way to decorate on a budget. And with these beautiful “faux” metal wall vases, you don’t even have to sacrifice style for budget!

Entryway in the home with green door and faux metal wall vases hanging on the wall.

I love seeing all the beautiful wall vases, or wall pockets, or wall planters. Whatever you call them, they are a great way to add some style in those nooks and dead spaces in your home. 

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Wall vases hang on the wall and can be filled with plants (faux plants for me). They add a little farmhouse charm without taking up too much space. 

Side view of the DIY wall vases hanging on the wall filled with white hydrangea flowers.

Cheap Wall Decor Idea!

But instead of spending lots of my hard earned $$ for some fancy metal wall vases, I decided to make my own for just pennies!

Yep, this faux metal wall planters are made out of a couple pieces of cardstock. How’s that for a cheap wall decor idea?

White wall with faux metal wall vases hanging on it, filled with white hydrangea flowers.

Obviously these paper wall vases cannot hold a real plant, but since I am still working hard to keep real plants alive, the faux ones work way better anyway.

But you can place a watertight plastic container inside your wall pocket and use it for real flowers from you garden this spring. Or plant some of your favorite succulents. Or even use them with some large air plants. 

Dining room next to the entryway with hanging wall vase paper decor.

Anyway you fill them, no one will ever guess that these beautiful galvanized wall vases are not actually metal. Paper decor to the rescue for decorating our home on a budget again!

DIY wall vases made from paper for cheap wall decor.
White wall with faux metal wall vases hanging on it, filled with white hydrangea flowers.

How to Make DIY Wall Vases

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $5

Decorate your home on a budget with this amazing paper home decor! These DIY wall vases look just like expesive metal ones, but are made from cardstock. Cna be cut by hand or with an elecronic cutting machine.


The cut file & PDF for the wall vases were free to my sibscribers until 3/19/2019. Now they are available to purchase in the shop. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you do not miss out on new freebies!

Cut out all the pieces in the cut file from the coverstock (heavy weight cardstock). To cut the coverstock cleanly on my Silhouette Cameo, I like to use the following settings:

  • Blade: 7
  • Speed: 5
  • Force: 33
  • Passes: 1
  • Line overcut: On - set to 0.20 mm for Start & End Ext.

Fold all the pieces along the dotted lines to give them a clean creasSecure the flaps on the bottom of the wall pocket to the sides to create the bottom.

Front piece of the faux metal wall vases ready to glue up.

Slide the smaller back piece inside the back of the wall pocket. Glue the flap on the bottom inside the base of the vase.

Glueing together the metal wall vases made out of paper.

Glue the sides to the back side of the smaller back piece.

Securing the back of the DIY wall pocket.

Carefully center the larger back piece over the smaller piece. Make sure the hanging holes line up and the slight reveal around the outside it even. Secure with glue.

Secure the second back piece of the DIY wall vase over the first.

Crimp the small rectangular piece with the crimping tool. Try to keep the piece straight as you feed it into the tool so the crimping is straight up and down.

Using the crimping tool to add a decorative edge to the faux metal wall vase.

Glue the crimped piece to the top of the pocket on the front of the wall vase. Start in the center and move towards the back. Cut off any excess with scissors.

Adding the decorative edge to the DIY wall vase.

Spray paint the entire wall vase with you favorite hammered metal spray paint. I love this one for giving my wall pockets a galvanized look.

To get more hammers in your metal paint, use a thick coat. Unlike normal spray paint where you want it to be light coats.

Close up view of the hammered metal spray paint on the wall vases.

Hang your new "metal" wall vases on a small nail or one of my favorite picture hangers and fill them up!

Remember, if using real plants, add a watertight plastic insert (maybe cut the top off an empty condiments jars). Or use faux flowers and succulents to get the green look without having to remember to water.

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Thursday 7th of March 2019

I love it!!! I don't have a machine to cut it out. Is it possible to make it without one?


Tuesday 12th of March 2019

Yes, there is a PDF so you can cut the files out with scissors if you want.

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