DIY Nightstand Charging Station 


Tools you need

- Kreg jig - Miter saw - Jig Saw - Drill - Measuring Tape - Clamps - Square - Chisel

Supplies you need

– 28″ long 1×4 board – (1) 7″ long 1×1 board – (6) 1 1/4” Kreg pocket hole screws – Wood glue – Sandpaper – Stain or paint

Makes the perfect gift idea for Father's Day, Anniversaries, or just because! 


From the 1x4 cut 2 pieces 9" long with a 15 degree angle on one end. Add pocket holes to the back of one side of one of the boards.

Curved Arrow

Add wood glue to the inside edge of one of the front boards.  Clamp and secure it to the other board with pocket hole screws to create one 7" wide board. 

Measure and mark the points in the template  to drill holes. The top hole will be the end of the watch opening. The points on the bottom will be where the charging cords come through. 


Drill a 3/4″ hole in the top hole with the mark at the center.  Draw lines from it to the edge and cut along the lines with a jigsaw.


Drill 1/2″ holes at the bottom marks. This size worked great for larger charging cords made for Apple products. You might have to adjust this to fit your cord.

If you want to add a built in watch charger, drill a hole large enough for your charger to fit.  Then carve out a channel for the cord to come through. Use a glue dot to attach the charger in the hole.


Cut the back piece 7" long with a 15 degree angle along on side. Use pocket hole screws to attach it to the front boards so it's flush on the bottom with the angled part of the front.


Cut piece from the 1x1 board to attach to the front for resting devices on. Make sure to leave gaps for the cords to come through. Sand and finish your nightstand valet!


The Result

A functional (and pretty) way of  charging "all the things" while keeping the cords out of the way and organized.