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Wooden Toy Barn Build Plans

Build a wooden toy barn for your favorite little cowboy or cowgirl.

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about fun DIY gifts. And what kids doesn’t love a dollhouse? So I partnered with Kreg Tools and their project plan build site,, to make a fun DIY dollhouse.

But this isn’t just any dollhouse… it’s a realistic toy barn dollhouse for your toy horses!

Front view of 1/2 of the wooden toy barn with red stain and white trim.

If your kids loves to play with horses, or any other farm animals, they will get endless hours of play with this beautiful wooden toy barn.

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The design of this barn dollhouse was done under the careful scrutiny of a real cowboy. All the details were carefully planned to give a realistic place to play, but with a little bit of fun and whimsy.

Features of the Toy Barn

The Inside:

This wooden barn was designed for Schleich® 4 1/2″ tall horse figurines (my cowboy source’s favorite horse toys). But with large 7″ x 7″ stalls and an 8 1/4″ tall ceiling, you can use it with any of your favorite horse toys. 

The inside of the DIY toy barn with one stall open and toy horses inside.

Each stall has a gate with hook and staple closure. Easy enough for the youngest hangs to operate. And the realistic opening gates will make more fun to play with their horses. 

Above the stalls is a loft space. Perfect for your small barn animals to live, or a wonderful place to store your horse tack. I know there are lots of saddles, reins and more needed to play farm.

Close up view of the stalls and loft in the barn dollhouse.

The barn is double sided with 3 horse stalls on each side. The wooden toy barn hinges down the back so you can easily open it for play, then close it up to store all your horse toys and tack.

The Outside:

And to close up the barn, the front is held together with a hook and eye closure and some hidden magnets for extra support. This is helpful if you need to move around the barn dollhouse.

Close up of the magnetic closer and latch on the front of the toy barn.

But this dollhouse is not made to move, it it built to last for years out if 3/4″ birch plywood. Set it up in the corner of the playroom and add a fence for hours of creative play!

The barn also has the quintessential loft window, giving your barn a classic looks. But it also has 6 large side windows making it easier for kids to play in and around the barn. 

Red barn dollhouse all closed up and latched.

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And the outside of the barn is finished with loads of details. The windows are framed out and additional texture is added to the front of the barn with strips of 1/4″ board. The entire barn is stained red with the perfect stain called Barn Red by Varathane

Then the two large barn doors are also trimmed out with coordinating white trim to match the white roof. To doors do not open, but give the front of the barn so much character!

How Big is the Barn Dollhouse?

The total dimensions for the barn dollhouse are 16 1/2″ tall, 21 3/4″ wide and 25″ long when close up. When opened up, the dollhouse can span 50″ long. 

Wooden toy barn opened up to expose 6 horse stalls and loft area.

If you are adding a fence to the toy barn (a perfect idea for a Christmas present), you will want to make sure you have enough fence for the open barn. 

How to Build a Wooden Toy Barn

This wooden barn dollhouse is an intermediate build. The plywood pieces are cut at angles to give the barn is classic design.

But once the plywood pieces are cut, they go together easily with the help of the Kreg Jig.The strong joints of the Kreg jig will help this toy last for years. Your kids will be able to hand it down to their kids as an heirloom piece. 

The inside details do require a bit of time because everything is multiplied by 6 for the 6 stalls. You can have so much fun with design and change things up as needed to work for your kids favorite toys. 

To make the 1×1 and 1/4″ thick boards that are needed for all the inside and outside details, I used a table saw to rip down the wood. All the details were done with inexpensive pine wood. And I was able to use up all those small scraps to make all those small details. 

Front view of the toy barn build with lots of details and white trimmed barn doors.


What Wood to Use?

Since there are exposed edges of plywood, I would recommend using baltic birch plywood. The Baltic birch plywood has less voids in it making it super strong and leaving smooth edges. 

For the details and stalls, you can use any wood you want. A hard wood will last through lots of play, but softer (and less expensive) pine will get some character front little dings. Do whatever you want for your own budget.

Build Plans for Toy Barn

If you are ready to build your own wooden toy barn, I am sharing the free plans on Click here for the complete plans.

Happy building!

-Kati with picture of blog author Kati

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Sketchup drawing of the wooden toy barn plans and picture of the finished build opened up.

John Penner

Saturday 6th of January 2024

Where can i get plans


Saturday 28th of October 2023

I am not that crafty like that.... Do you have a way to purchase one like that?


Friday 10th of December 2021

Thank you for the idea of the gift for my kid!


Monday 20th of December 2021

You are very welcome!

Sabina Djedovic

Wednesday 8th of December 2021

WHERE are the Plans??? :)


Monday 20th of December 2021

So sorry, it looks like Kreg is having some technical difficulties. This link should take you to them:


Wednesday 17th of November 2021

With the 1/4 plywood is that used for the outside trim barn doors and fence slats? I’m confused as to what I should be cutting out on my 1/4 plywood sheet.


Monday 29th of November 2021

The measurements for the barn door are under the cut list. You will cut two of them for decoration on the front of the barn.

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