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Rolling Grill Side Cart with Storage

This rolling grill cart is perfect for adding extra prep space and storage to your grill.

It’s grilling season, and with our big move we had to say good-bye to our outdoor kitchen island. Sad day…

But I partnered with Kreg Tools and their project plan site,, to build a new rolling grill side cart. This one is full of storage and gives us lots of space for prep to start cooking outside again!

Cedar clad rolling grill cart with storage sitting on a deck in front of trees.

Features of the Grill Table

My husband is the grill master at our house. He can cook a steak to perfection and always serves juicy chicken.

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So when it came to designing the grill cart, I tried to include everything he needed to make grilling easier. And I think he made some great suggestions!

Storage Drawer

Drawers are his favorite part of any storage, and for good reason. They are so much easier to organize things inside. And with full-extension drawer glides, you can see everything!

So of course he asked for a drawer on his grill table. It’s the perfect place to store not-so-pretty-but-necessary grill accessories like scrubbier and lighters.

Close-up of the drawer on the grill table open with grill accessories inside.

But you could also use it to hold utensils, smoke boards, and more. Plus, it looks really cute with the chunky face frame and beautiful cedar panel.

And while the drawer front looks really amazing, it is a built without a router with a super simple cheater drawer front. Perfect for a rustic grill cart that lives outside!

Close up view of the front of the drawer in the grill side table.

Fuel Tank Storage

Have you ever invited a bunch of people over for a BBQ and ran out of gas while the food is on the grill? No, just us???

Well, ever since that happened, we have always had an extra fuel tank on hand. Once one is empty, we put the new one on the grill and promptly refill it.

So my husband insisted the grill cart included a spot to store his extra fuel tank. Now it’s easy for him to check to make sure we have plenty of fuel to cook our food.

DIY grill cart made from 2x4s and cedar fence pickets  with storage and hooks for hanging grill tools.

Spice Rack Shelf

This was a pretty genius ask for a grill cart and totally my husbands idea! But he always has at least a salt and pepper grinder and non-stick spray when grilling.

These items are way too easy to knock off the side of the grill. So he asked for a specific spot to hold them.

I turned the side of the top shelf into the perfect spice rack. With a simple back and a piece of aluminum on the front, it holds all these items at easy reach without being in the way.

Grill cart with spice rack on the end holding salt & pepper grinders and gilling spray, bottom shelf with drinks in a bucket.

Easy to Move

The last feature is something maybe more for myself, but while we are still settling into our new home, I wanted the grill cart to be easy to move. And it can be moved around the deck for us to use for entertaining or grilling, or whatever we need.

I added castors to one side of the grill cart. The other side has legs. You can pick up the legs easily and roll the cart to it’s new home And the legs help keep the cart steady without needing expensive locking wheels.

Outdoor grill table on wheels with cedar slats on the sides and on the shelves.

What Wood to Use for the Grill Cart

To keep the expense of the new cart down, I used standard Douglas fir 2x4s and 2x6s for the frame of the grill cart. These were sealed with a waterproofing outdoor sealer.

The rest of the cart was built out of inexpensive cedar fence pickets. I absolutely love the look of the cedar as it patinas. And the smell is my favorite!

It made the perfect accompaniment to the sealed 2x4s. I even used it as the drawer front center panel and drawer bottom to make this a simple, router-free project.

DIY grill cart with drawer (open in picture) extra fuel tank storage, and shelves for storage.

Grill Side Table Build Plans

If you are ready to build your own rolling grill side table, I am sharing the build plans for over on

Click here for the full build plans.

Happy Building!

-Kati with picture of blog author Kati
DIY grill cart on wheels with text overlay.

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Sunday 31st of July 2022

Thanks for the inspiration. I just built this but modified to fit my Camp Chef Sidekick accessories where you have the propane tank. It turned out great and was a fantastic weekend project!

Brad Jordan

Monday 30th of May 2022

Bought the plans for this. Modified size (a little deeper and wider). Milled and planed the cedar pickets and trimmed with Peruvian walnut. Finished top as butcher block surface with butcher block oil and conditioner. Rest I sealed with teak oil. Great idea and gave me foundation to experiment.


Friday 20th of May 2022

Nice grill side cart!

I was wondering what’s the inside drawer dimensions?

Thanks for any info. Jackie


Monday 12th of April 2021

Thank you for sharing. I built one based off of your plan for a neighbor of mine, out of pallet wood, and it came out so nice!


Monday 19th of April 2021

Thanks for sharing! Pallet wood would be a great option for this cart.


Sunday 3rd of January 2021

What did you use for the top? Is it sealed for food safety? Thank you


Tuesday 19th of January 2021

I used an outdoor sealer that is not food grade. But since it is outdoor, I do not plan on placing food directly on top of it. It is more for a place to put all the plates and trays that you bring out from the kitchen.

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