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Vinyl Roll Storage Rack

Organize your craft vinyl so it’s always on hand with this vinyl roll storage rack.

I love when I get to combine my love of building with my love of crafting. One of the things I have been struggling with is my mountain of craft vinyl.

The piles were getting out of hand and I hated sorting through things to find what I needed for a project. So I partnered with Kreg Tools, and their new project plan site, to make the perfect vinyl roll storage solution.

Close up view of the top of the vinyl roll storage with special vinyl on the dowels.

Storing Craft Vinyl

The plan for this craft vinyl storage had many different iterations. I originally wanted to hang it on the back of my door. But then it would be in the way of the paint storage shelves that I love.

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I decided to move it to a hanging vinyl storage, but you could totally hang it on the back of a door if that is the best place for you.

Craft room wall with pegboard storage and vinyl roll storage hanging on it.

Luckily, I was able to move a few things around on the wall in my amazing craft room (that I remodeled for only $100). The vinyl roll storage fits perfectly here and looks great too. 

Also, I originally wanted to leave all my 12×12 vinyl sheets flat. To build something that looked like a hanging file system. But that seemed to be just moving the hidden vinyl from one location to another. And I wanted to make it easier to find things!

Vertical shot of the entire vinyl roll storage hanging on the wall and filled with vinyl.

So I decided the best bet was to put my vinyl on display! And not just the rolls, but also the sheets of vinyl. Plus, that gave me the opportunity to make a rainbow from all the many, many colors of vinyl I have accumulated. 

The top of the vinyl roll storage has dowels to hold larger pieces of craft vinyl or special vinyl. It is also the perfect place for the large rolls of transfer tape I buy.

Side view of the top of the vinyl storage with specialty vinyl rolls organized on it.

Then the bottom of the hanging vinyl storage is full of holes to roll and store smaller sheets. I love to buy my vinyl in these starter packs that give you tons of color options. It means I always have a variety of colors for every project. 

I sorted the different sheets into like colors. Then rolled the 12×12 sheets to slide into the storage. The more sheets of vinyl in each roll made it harder to slide in because if the roll loosened it became very tight. If I kept the rolls to 5 sheets or less, it was easy to insert them. 

Picture of the lower part of the vinyl storage rack with a rainbow of colorful vinyl sheets rolled up for storage.

All these colorful rolls reminds me I need to do WAY more vinyl projects to share. I guess seeing all the colors in my new vinyl roll storage rack is a good thing. 

Build a Vinyl Roll Storage Rack

But the best part of this vinyl storage rack is how easy it is to make! The frame is made from two 1×4 boards that go together so easy with the Kreg Jig. Honestly, the hardest part is drilling all the holes. 

You can build this craft storage in just an afternoon, then be ready to organize all your vinyl in no time! 

Colorful and organized craft room with storage solutions for craft supplies and vinyl rolls.

If you are ready to build your own vinyl roll storage, I am sharing the free plans over at Click here for the complete hanging craft vinyl build plans.

Happy building!

-Kati with picture of blog author Kati

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Picture of the 3D rendering of the vinyl roll storage and the actual finished build.

Debi Fitch

Saturday 13th of June 2020

Thanks,this looks like it’s perfect for what I need in my hobby room this gives me more inspiration to keep diy with the plans so thanks again.



Monday 22nd of June 2020

You are very welcome Debi!


Wednesday 10th of June 2020

Thank you SO much for this pattern. I modified it a tiny bit (just kept the rack for the whole thing!) and I love it! Super easy to follow and very detailed. Much appreciated!


Monday 22nd of June 2020

Yeah! Isn't it so nice having it all organized ;)

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