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DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas to Update your Bathroom on a Budget

Update your bathroom on a budget with a DIY bathroom vanity.

Bathroom renovations can be expensive. So most people put off the bathroom of their dreams for too long. But you can update your old bathroom without spending all your money with one of these DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas.

DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas Collage of Four Bathroom Vanities

Updating a bathroom vanity does not have to be hard either. These ideas cover everything from DIY bathroom vanity plans to painted bathroom vanities, bathroom vanities from dresser and even ways to update your bathroom sink!

Whether you need to replace your vanity, update it, or just update the vanity top, check out these amazing ideas! And for more ideas, check out these budget DIY vanity top ideas too.

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DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas

If you are looking to give your bathroom vanity a makeover, this post is for you! We are sharing some of the most amazing transformations from vanity builds to a dresser turned into a bathroom vanity and more. With farmhouse to modern, there is a DIY vanity idea for every style in this collection.

DIY Bathroom Vanity Plans 

If your old bathroom vanity is not working for you, why not build a new one! These bathroom vanity plans are perfect for any space.

DIY Bathroom Vanity from Dresser

Replacing a bathroom vanity does not mean you have to build one. Why not upcycle a thrifted dressers into the perfect bathroom vanity instead?

Ways to Update a Bathroom Vanity

If the bones of your bathroom vanity are solid, try just updating part of it with these easy DIY ideas.

DIY Vanity Tops

Whether you are building your own bathroom vanity, or just painting it, a new bathroom vanity top is a great way to update a bathroom. These DIY vanity top ideas will update your bathroom on a budget.

Painted Bathroom Vanities

If your bathroom vanity just needs a refresh, why not update it with paint! These painted bathroom vanity ideas are great for your budget and will make your bathroom shine again.

-Kati with picture of blog author Kati


Wednesday 20th of May 2020

Wow, thanks for sharing all of this gorgeous inspiration Kati! We just wrapped up a DIY vanity upgrade, but these are some great ideas for our next reno.


Monday 22nd of June 2020

Thanks Martina! Congrats on your new DIY vanity.

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