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Farmhouse Console Table DIY from Cube Bookcase

It’s sad that I have put off this easy upcycle for so long. I have been living with this cheap melamine cube bookcase in my craft corner for about 6 years now.

It had feet on it once, but then the whole things started to sag, so I took the feet off and let it just be awful!

It served a purpose of very poorly organizing loads of crafting clutter. But was such an eyesore. Not anymore! With just $5.5o I transformed the cheap cube bookcase into a wonderful DIY Farmhouse Console Table.

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Upcycled cube bookcase

I am starting to be really happy I never threw out the inexpensive bookcases that were the beginnings of our home decor back when we were young.

They moved from apartment to apartment and to our home. Then as we replaced them with “real” furniture, were shoved in the corners of our basement.

While they are useful for organizing and storing lots of stuff that comes with kids, they are not pretty. But with just a few simple additions and an afternoon of work, you can transform them into something really wondeful!

DIY bookcase console table

After transforming the basic bookcases into my fantastic rolling work table, I was excited to transform the white cube bookcase too.

A console table would be perfect under the large window in my new office & craft room. So, I decided to upcycle the unloved bookcase into a simple farmhouse console table DIY.

Now it’s the perfect place to store some of my favorite crafting and decorating treasures.

Angle view of a diy cube bookcase

If you have been following along this month, you may have seen that I am trying to completely transform my kids old nursery into my new office & craft room for only $100!

Yep, I can only spend $100 (but am able to recycle and use things that I already have on hand).

For this farmhouse console table DIY I was able to use a piece of beadboard that was left over from when we originally added beadboard to the room, plywood and stain left over from the closet desk build, and a scrap of wood.

Then all I had to do was purchase a 2×2 and a 1×4 board to make this boring bookcase beautiful!

over head view of a bookcase console table

Can you believe this transformation cost just $5.50? And it’s a good thing because as we are coming to the last week of the $100 room challenge, my remaining budget is getting really, really small.

Make sure to follow along as I finish this room and share the final (super) budget friendly ideas.

How to Make a DIY Farmhouse Console Table from a Cube Bookcase



  • Cube bookcase
  • Plywood (a piece the size of the top of the bookcase)
  • 2×2 boards
  • 1×4 board
    • I was able to use (1) 6′ 1×4 board that I ripped down to 1″ wide pieces and 2″ wide pieces. I did have to use about (6′) of 1×2 board ripped to 1″ from scraps to finish framing out the top of my console.
  • Beadboard (a piece the size of the back of the bookcase)
  • Stain and polyurethane finish

Make the Base

After using the cube bookcase for years with feet screwed into the bottom, I discovered that the bookcase sagged without support at each cube wall. Using the 2×2 board, create a base for the bookcase.

Cut 1 board to the width of bookcase and secure to the back, cut 4 boards to the depth of the bookcase minus the board on the back and secure under the cube walls.

Originally I used left over construction adhesive, but then when I moved the bookcase outside to finish the transformation, some of the base pieces fell off.

Apparently the adhesive did not work well on melamine. So I reattached the base with my nail gun and lots of nails.

I also left the center support board short (about 1/2 of the depth of the bookcase) so that it would fit nicely over my heater vent and allow me to make the front really pretty.

stages of progress on converting a standard cube bookcase into a farmhouse bookcase

Trim out the sides of the base with 2″ wide pieces of wood (not 1x2s but wood ripped to 2″ wide). You can also see I cut off the white laminate on the side of the bookcase where I would be adding the front of the base trim.

This will allow it to lay flat against the rest of the bookcase and was easy to do with a utility knife.

Putting on the base of the diy cube bookcase

Measure the front of the bookcase and cut a piece of the 2″ wood to fit. Then it’s time to design the decorative base. Start by marking where the 2×2 boards would be visible, then draw your design to cover those areas.

Cut it out with a jig saw and attach to the front of the bookcase with your nail gun and finishing nails.

Putting on the decorative base to the bookcase console table

Now flip it over and admire your work! It already looks so much better than before.

The bottom trim piece completed on the cubicle bookcase

Next it’s time to tackle the back. My bookcase had cardboard covering 4 of the 8 cube areas, two of which had been removed sometime in the last 6 years.

Remove these cheap backings and replace it with a piece of beadboard cut to fit.

I happen to have a lot of 2′ pieces of beadboard in my garage since we added beadboard to only 6′ of the walls. I also used some of these small pieces in my dining room bench. See it pays to never throw anything out!

Front strips and back panel being added to the cube bookcase

Make the Top

Before adding the top, make sure the top of the cube bookcase is level. This will ensure a level console top when finished.

I removed the white laminate and sanded the edge so it was flush.

scraping off edge banding for the diy cube bookcase

Cut a piece of 1/2″ plywood to fit the top of the bookcase and secure with finishing nails. Be careful not to just nail into the top or you may have nails sticking out all over.

Nail into the top and into the cube walls so the ends of your nails stay hidden.

Adding the top to the of the diy cubicle bookcase

Trim out the edges of the plywood with wood ripped to 1″ (my cube bookcase top was 1/2″ and the plywood was 1/2″).

I chose to miter the corners here, but your could keep it simple and trim it out like the base.

adding trim to the farmhouse bookcase

Now all that is left is to finish the piece. Luckily you do not have to do anything to the white melamine except maybe give it a good cleaning! Stain the base and the top and protect it with 2-3 coats of poly coating.

I used a natural stain made out of steel wool soaked in vinegar and black tea, then finished it off with a satin polyurethane coating.

farmhouse bookcase waiting for final finish to be applied.

My new farmhouse console table DIY is the perfect piece to hold all those decor pieces that I use to decorate my home throughout the year.

I also might be using it to store some crafting items, but first I need to pretty up all the coffee boxes I have been saving and get to organizing. That alone will probably take me 3 days.

Finished diy cubicle bookcase

So what do you think of my $5.50 cube bookcase makeover? I still can’t believe how much more expensive this basic piece looks. Now it is a custom Farmhouse Console Table DIY.

finished diy cube bookcases

And now off to finish this room, it has to be done in just over a week!

-Kati with picture of blog author Kati

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Patricia Loewy

Saturday 19th of January 2019

Beautiful! Can you let me know how you hid the holes made by the nails on the top shelf? Thanks, Patricia


Monday 4th of February 2019

You can always fill the holes with wood putty, if you plan to stain it you need to make sure to pick a stainable wood filler. I like the tiny little metal heads so I leave them visible. With the darker stain they just disappear but give it a rustic look.


Thursday 23rd of November 2017

thanks so much for this! i was just looking in pinterest for a way to use a cube bookcase as a console table as my budget is too tight to buy a console table!! this will be perfecto.....tomorrows project :)


Thursday 30th of November 2017

I love hearing that Jan! This is the perfect way to create a console on a budget, and I still get so many compliments on my budget project ;)

Ana Burton

Monday 20th of March 2017

Awesome job! Now I want to get me a cheap bookcase to DIY!


Sunday 9th of April 2017

You should! I cant believe how much better it looks now :)

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