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Tall Corner Plant Stand Build Plans

You will have tons of room for plants with this easy DIY corner plant stand.

Build an amazing corner plant stand with multiple tiers that holds lots of plants on a budget. This tall plant stand has 6 shelves for holding potted plants.

And it was built using inexpensive 1×2, 1×3 and 2×2 lumber! You don’t have to spend a lot to have loads of storage for all your plants.

Blue stained wood tiered plant stand in the corner with bench and tall plants in the foreground..

Multi-tiered Plant Stand

Whether you are moving all your plants from outside to inside to weather the upcoming winter, or just love all things plants, you are going to love this tiered plant stand.

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The tall corner shelf has 6 large tiers to hold lots of potted plants. Each shelf has a section sticking out to the side and a section in the center.

The outer sections sit up against the wall in a corner to create lots of plant storage without taking up space in your home. Set it close to a window for lots of amazing light.

Tall corner plant stand full of indoor house plants in a corner next to a bench in front of a window.

Use the center sections of each shelf for smaller plants. Or for plants that require less light.

I love that each shelf is large enough for a full sized potted plant or two smaller plants. It’s perfect for growing new plants from propagation (which I am currently obsessed with).

Close up view of the large shelves on the corner plant stand.

Indoor or Outdoor Plant Stand

This large corner plant stand can be used indoor for all your favorite house plants. Stain or paint it to match your home decor and enjoy the greenery your plants will add to your home.

Tuck it in a corner by a window or where it will get lots of indirect sunlight and watch your plants thrive.

Window wall in a house with an upholstered bench in front of the window and tiered corner plant stand in the corner with fiddle leaf fig and dragon plant on the other other side.

But this tiered plant shelf can also be used outside to grow potted herbs and flowers. Or when you want to give your indoor plants some extra sunlight and fresh air in warm weather.

Outdoors this corner plant stand can add plant storage to your porch, patio or walkway. Again, use the center column for plants that need less light and the outer shelves for lots of direct light for your plants.

Multi-tiered corner plant stand in the corner next to a window loaded with house plants.

How to Build a Tiered Plant Stand


  • Miter saw
  • Optional: Table saw or router
    • I used a table saw to cut a groove in some of the shelf boards, it makes the shelves look nice but is not necessary.
  • Finishing nail gun
  • Drill
  • Impact driver (optional, but I love not having to switch bits with the drill)
  • Measuring tape
  • Clamps
  • Sander


Button to purchase the Printable PDF woodworking plans for the multi-tier corner plant stand.

Cut out the pieces

Cut out the shelf side pieces and slats according to the build plans.

When cutting a lot of pieces that are the same size, use a stop (which can be as easy as clamping a square or scrap of wood next to your miter saw) to make quick work of cutting all the pieces.

Make DIY easier with these easy DIY & woodworking hacks. | Measuring Tips | Woodworking Tips | DIY Tips | Painting Tips

This next step is optional and can be skipped if you do not have a table saw or router to easily cut a groove in your boards. In the build plans I include measurements for the pieces with or without the groove.

I used my table saw to add a 3/4″ deep by 1/4″ wide groove in the inside top corner of all the shelf side boards. To do this start by setting your table saw blade to 3/4″ tall and the fence 1/4″ away from the side of the blade.

Run all the shelf side pieces through the table saw.

Then set the blade to 1/4″ tall and the fence 3/4″ away from the blade. Run the pieces through again and the center will fall out creating a nice groove.

Grooves being cut out of strips of 1x2 boards on a table saw.

Pair up all the pieces so the grooves are mirrored and mark them.

Finished 1x2 boards with grooves cut out of the top corner.

For all the shelves except the bottom shelf, take the grooved out boards to the miter saw. Set the saw to a 45 degree angle.

Cut the bottom 1/2″ tip off the front of each side board. Make sure you pay attention to where the groove is so that the boards are mirrored when you make the cut.

Trimming the corner of the sides of the plant stand upper shelves.

Assemble the plant shelves

Add glue to the sides and a little bit to the bottom edge of the shelf boards.

Where to add glue to the 1x3 boards to attach inside the grooves.

Attach them between the shelf sides and secure them with finishing nails. The boards should fit nicely into groove.

Attaching the front slat to the corner plant stand shelf with a nail gun.

Start at the front and then leave 3/4” between slats.

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Attaching the second slat to the plant shelf with a scrap of wood being used as a spacer.

Attach the side back piece to the back of the shelf so it is flush with the sides and top/bottom of the shelf side boards.

Secure with wood glue and 1 1/4” finishing nails. 

Attaching the back 1x2 to the back of the tiered plant stand shelf.

Leave a 1 7/8” gap between the last slat and the back and you should also have a 2 1/4” gap in the center. 

The finished shelf for the bottom of the tall corner plant stand.

Complete all the rest of the shelf builds.

You will have 3 lower shelves (one without the sides notched), 2 middle shelves, and 1 top shelf. For the lower shelves you will have 4 slats after the center gap. For the middle shelves you will have 3.

For the top shelf shelf you will only have 3/4” gaps between the slats. 

All the assembled plant shelfs for the plant stand stacked together.

Fill the nail holes in all your shelves.

Filling the nail holds on the sides of the assembled shelves with stainable wood putty.

Finish all the plant stand pieces

Sand and finish all the shelves. It will be easier now than after it is all assembled.

All 6 plant shelves for the tiered corner stand stained a bold blue.

Also, cut the leg boards and sand & finish them. 

The 2x2 boards for the plant stand cut and sitting in front of the blue stained shelves.

Assemble the tiered stand

Line the leg boards up inside the bottom shelf. 

Attach two legs into the back corners of the shelf using the self-tapping pan head screws. One screw will go in from the shelf side board and the other in through the back board. 

The bottom stained shelf piece being attached to the 2x2 pieces on the back.

For the center legs attach them in the center gap so there is a 3/8” space on each side of the leg. Secure to the shelf side boards with one screw.

Attach the rest of the shelves to the legs, alternating the direction of them.

Start on the bottom with 2 more lower shelves. Then add the 2 middle shelves. 

The plant stand being assembled on the floor with two of the 6 shelves attached.

Use a scrap of wood cut to the spacer distance to easily space the shelves.

Secure with the 1 1/4” screws so you have 2 screws in each corner and one in the center the same as the bottom shelf. 

Make sure to offset the screws so they do not hit each other inside the leg board. 

Showing using a scrap of wood to space the shelves on the tiered corner plant stand and the pan head screws attached offset in the corners.

Set the top shelf on the top of the 2×2 legs.

The shelf should be alternated just like the rest of the shelves) the top shelf will be on the opposite side as the bottom shelf).

Secure to the legs through the sides with screws.

The top shelf of the corner plant stand being attached to the top of the 2x2 boards.

Now place your shelf into the corner and load it up with plants!

If you are worried about kids or animals climbing the shelves, secure it to the wall (make sure you secure it into the studs).

Close up of the top smaller shelves on the multi-tier plant stand.

Make sure to place your multi-tiered plant stand in a corner with lots of light. That will give your plants the best chance of thriving!

I have sheer curtains on my window by the plant stand to block direct sun light from my house plants. They are all loving their new home on their corner plant shelf.

Blue stained plant stand with 6 large shelves in a corner.

Happy Building!

-Kati with picture of blog author Kati


Friday 9th of June 2023

I LOVE THIS!!! I plan to make it this summer! Can you tell me the brand of blue stain you used? I love the color! Julee


Wednesday 14th of June 2023

It's called Marine Blue from Minwax.


Friday 10th of February 2023

Sorry i thought i can buy this blue plant stand.Its misundestanding


Friday 10th of February 2023

i like this blue plant stand ,how much does it cost ? ewa


Tuesday 18th of October 2022

I love this! Do you know how much weight each shelf can hold?


Wednesday 27th of July 2022

I love it! It is on my project list now.

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