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$100 Walk in Closet Reveal

Transform your walk in closet into a beautiful and functional room on a budget. See how we were able to turn our crowded closet into an open dressing area with lots of storage and style.

Transform your walk in closet into a beautiful and functional room on a budget. See how we were able to turn our crowded closet into an open dressing area with lots of storage and style. Housefulofhandmade.comThe $100 walk in closet makeover is done! Can you believe we totally transformed the space in just 3 weeks with only $100? I can’t either. But I am so happy we did because I love our new walk in closet. Before, I wouldn’t have even considered it a walk in closet, it was just a deep and cluttered closet. Now it’s an open and very organized walk in closet with room for us to actually change in it. This is exactly what I had hoped for the perfect master bedroom closet.

WEEK 1 || WEEK 2 || WEEK 3

Turn an unfunctional closet into a beautiful walk in closet. With only $100 we transformed our closet into an organized dressing room.

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Seriously, do you remember how awful this space looked before? The closet system was along the back wall. We figured it would give us more room and in a closet, you are always worried about more storage. However, we pretty much ignored the storage that was in the corner. It was where our out-of-fashion clothes went to die.

We reconfigured the entire layout of out tiny master bedroom closet and gained tons of storage. See how we turned our closet into a beautiful walk in closet for only $100.

Now we have absolutely no hidden corners. Everything is in full view at all times! While we gave up actual hang bar space, I feel like we gained so much more usable storage space instead.

Create a perfectly organized walk in closet on a budget with these easy to build plywood closet organizers.

The closet is split into a his side and her side. I created two different plywood storage organizers to fit the needs of each of us. The plywood closet organizers (and upper shelves) were built out of 2 sheets of $35 plywood (and a couple dollars in other wood). That is it! All that beautiful storage for less than $80.

Tons of closet organization ideas for a small walk in closet. Turn your closet into an open dressing area on a budget.

On my side of the closet, I gave myself room for long dresses and skirts. Then the rest of the hanging space is used for blouses. Below the hang bar is loads of storage for the rest of my clothes. Baskets and boxes hold smaller items. And sweaters are folded on the shelf (no more hanger marks in the sleeves!). Then a roll out pant rack was added for jeans.

Learn how to create a closet full of storage for only $100. Includes build plans for the plywood closet organization solutions.

My absolute favorite part of the walk in closet organization are the boxes that hold my tanks and camisoles. I use to hang all these items. Things that were only used under other clothing or to work in the garage (I am pretty sure all my tanks have paint stains on them). They took up about 25 inches of hanging space to hang them all.

Covered cardboard boxes make inexpensive closet storage without sacrificing style. See the entire walk in closet remodel at

Now they don’t even fill these two tiny boxes. And how adorable are these boxes with the rope handles and script labels? I promise to share the tutorial for them soon!

Learn how to easily store small clothing items. See the entire budget walk in closet reveal at

On my husband’s side of the closet, I was able to comfortably mount the hang bar higher. He is 6’3″ so we used that to his advantage in the closet. His plywood storage organizer offers lots of storage for all his socks! Seriously, I think socks are a weird boy obsession because both him and my son have way too many and always want more. Then he has a large basket for his shorts and lounge pants. And a much larger pull out pant rack for his dress pants and jeans.

For just a few dollars, build a pull out rack to hang your pants. Our walk in closet reveal includes tons of closet storage organization ideas on a budget.

And would you believe that we only have 2 inches less of space on each side of the closet? If you removed the center hang bar from our old closet and we each had to work with just the space to either side, it would be 2″ more than what we have now! And now we have created storage solutions to hold all our clothes and offer room to grow. I don’t even miss those 2″.

Sometimes looking outside the box will completely transform a space. We love all the space in our walk in closet now that we have a non-traditional floor plan.

After finishing up the walk in closet organization systems, we realized how much we LOVED the open feel of our new closet. We can both be in the closet getting ready and I don’t want to scream! My original plan for shoe storage was to build a shelf with the white laminate covered wood I removed from the closet. But I didn’t want to add a large piece to the space. So we went back to the drawing board. And what we came up with was so much better.

The best $1 shoe storage solution ever! See how we transformed our tiny walk in closet into a dream closet for only $100.

Just check out that shoe storage!!! I am slightly obsessed with shoes. I used to have over 100 pairs (I know, excessive). Last year I minimized my show collection because I really wasn’t wearing a lot of them. Now I am super picky about the shoes I buy. Keeping a handful of comfortable, but beautiful, shoes makes it easier to get ready. And now I can actually see them all.

The perfectly organized and beautiful walk in closet only cost $100. Includes lots of clothing and shoe storage solutions.

The lower shoe storage is perfect for all my husbands shoes and my non-heeled shoes (aka workout shoes and flip flops). I sewed these shoe pockets out of drop cloth. Each one took about 45 minutes from start to filling-with-shoes. They keep the shoes off the floor but keep them in sight, which I love. Tutorial coming soon!

Sew shoe storage pockets out of drop cloth to keep all those shoes off the floor. See how we transformed our walk in closet into a dressing area on a budget.

But the upper shoe storage is my favorite! And it couldn’t have been easier. I have seen heel storage using crown molding, which is beautiful. But crown molding is expensive. At $2-5 a linear foot, the small shoe storage area that I have would have cost up to $40. Instead, I discovered that the heels rest just as beautifully on a 1×2 furring strip as they do on crown molding. So with 1 8′ furring strip that cost me $1, I mounted that to the wall and painted it so it would blend in. Then covered it with all my glorious shoes. Yep $1 total, now I have money for new shoes.

Shoes as art in the walk in closet! Create shoe storage with only $1.

To hang my husband’s hat collection, I added some white Command hooks. This is the easiest hat storage and I love the way it looks to have the masculine and feminine on the wall together. See, we can share closet space and still love each other!

See how we solved our closet storage problems on a budget. Our walk in closet now has storage for hats, shoes, bags and more!

And while I was certain I was going to blow the budget away after 1 week, I managed to get super creative and make it work.

  • Week 1 spent: $0 (demo is cheap)
  • Week 2 spent: $76 to build the plywood closet organizer
  • Week 3 spent: $26
    • 1/2″ dowels = $7
    • 1x2s = bought 1 at $1, but had the rest on hand
    • drawer slides = $11
    • drop cloth = $7
    • rope = left over from nautical art display wall
    • baseboards = reused what was already in the closet
    • Command hooks = were already in the closet, just moved them around a bit
    • boxes = on hand thanks to Amazon and bulk groceries

Total for the amazing walk in closet transformation: $102!!!!

I love these walk in closet organization ideas. Lots of beautiful closet organization ideas on a budget.

Did you know you are not suppose to hang your sweaters? See how we protect all our favorite clothing in our budget walk in closet remodel.

This rolling pant storage rack is so easy to build. See the whole walk in closet reveal at

So did we completely transform our walk in closet? I would say so. The new open feel of the closet makes it more like a dressing room instead of just a closet. And it makes our master bedroom feel bigger too. I totally love it!

And don’t forget to check out how these other amazing bloggers transformed their spaces for only $100 this month too!

Now I need to clean my master bedroom and get my beautiful retreat back.


Monday 28th of September 2020

I have been searching for a similar closet, and found yours. I have been wanting to change my closet and trying to figure out how to use that corner space. I'm just not sure if i want to leave the middle open, like your closet, because i have more clothes. Or maybe just declutter first to see what's left. Your DIY just gave me inspiration, not really sure if I can diy it myself, but happy i have a clearer idea. Thanks!


Friday 2nd of October 2020

So glad to help with the inspiration you need. I thought I would hate having less room, but it really kept me more conscious about my clothes and made things much easier to find. Oddly enough in our new house I have way more space and I hate it ;)


Thursday 17th of August 2017

Your use of vertical space is just brilliant! I would love to dress every morning with a closet like that. Beautiful job!


Thursday 7th of September 2017

Thanks Kathryn! I love it so much and it definitely makes getting ready more fun.


Tuesday 8th of August 2017

This closet is gorgeous! I wouldn't want to ever rehang my closet door if mine looked like this! (Now I close it just as quick as I can!) That plywood shelving system you created is so impressive! I love how your shoes are stored! Those pops of color are so fun and what a great way to show off your beautiful collection! It must actually be FUN to get ready in the morning! Great job! I'm sure you are LOVING it!!


Thursday 10th of August 2017

Thank you so much. I don't even mind that we don't have a closet door.


Saturday 5th of August 2017

What a great use of space!! I love how you hung up your shoes. Fabulous idea!


Tuesday 8th of August 2017

The shoe storage is my favorite! Now I can actually see what shoes I have.


Friday 4th of August 2017

Hello!!! This is amazing. I can't believe that you built all of that. It is so so good. I hope to imitate your ideas some day. I love it all so much.


Tuesday 8th of August 2017

Thanks Jessica! It turned out better than I had hoped. And it's super organized and fabulous!

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