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Gorgeous DIY Necklace Holder from Wood Scraps

This easy to make necklace holder is perfect for displaying all your favorite necklaces and bracelets.

I designed this fun DIY necklace holder for my daughter’s closet makeover. We needed a way to organize all her cute little girly things. But I wanted it to work as she grows.

When I finished her neckless stand, I immediately thought… I want one!

So of course I set to it!

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Pink and wood stained necklace holder with kids necklaces, sunglasses, and headbands on it.

But for my necklace holder, I decided to elevate it a bit. Instead of using wood dowels, I used brass rods.

Wow! As much as I loved the cute jewelry stand for my daughter, I am obsessed with the beautiful brass option even more.

Brass and maple necklace stand on a dresser next to a plant.

Using up Wood Scraps

This necklace holder is quick and easy to make. And it really uses just a few small scraps of wood.

For my daughter’s DIY necklace stand, the pieces were cut from scraps left over from my wood light project.

The circle base is actually the center of one of the circles cut for the light.

Two DIY jewelry holders in a closet displaying kids jewelry.

For my brass version, I wanted to use walnut. But I didn’t have a scrap ready for use.

So I dug through my scrap bin and found some beautiful pieces of maple to use instead.

I love that this project uses up those smaller scraps. The ones I am too sad to toss, but are too small for most projects!

DIY necklace holder made with maple wood and brass rods on nightstand.

For the smaller version, the base is only 3 3/4″ diameter.

But for the brass one I made it bigger since the brass rods are much longer. It’s base is a 5″ circle.

Bedroom nightstand with brass and wood necklace holder and potted plant on it.

How to Make a DIY Necklace Stand

Tools & Materials

Tools needed:

  • CNC machine or scroll saw
    • I used my X-carve to cut out the circle and top piece. But you can easily cut them with a scroll saw and make the holes with a drill.
  • Router with round-over bit
  • Saw
    • You will need a saw to cut wood dowels. You can easily do this with a hand saw or use a miter saw.
  • Drill
  • Sander


  • Scraps of wood
  • Dowels or brass rods
  • Wood glue or super glue gel
  • Stain/paint/sealer

Cut List

Cut out the pieces according to the cut table in the PDF plans.

Button to buy the printable plans for the necklace stand and template.

The pieces can be cut with a scroll saw or CNC machine. Templates and and SVG file are included in the printable plans.

If you want longer dowels or rods on the top, go for a larger circle for the base.

If using a scroll saw, make sure to mark the holes on the template and drill them into the pieces. You want to use a drill bit the same diameter as the dowel so you have a tight fit.

Cutting the templated pieces with a CNC machine.

STEP 1- Round over edges

This step is optional, but gives the necklace stand a softer look. If you do not have a router, you can softer the edges with a sander instead.

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Router the edges of the back part of the top piece with a round-over bit.

Routing each side of the back of the top piece on a Kreg router table.

Also use the round over bit to curve the top of the circle base.

Adding a round over to the top of the base circle with a router.

STEP 2- Finish the wood pieces

On the underside of the flat part of the top, measure the center about 1″ back from the edge.

Drill a hole to match the larger dowel/rod. Do not go all the way through.

I struggled with the fit of my brass rods and ended up going up 1/16 of an inch on the hole. But they were too loose so I had to use more super glue to secure them. So have a light touch with the drill bits.

Drilling a hole on the underside of the top piece on the necklace holder.

Cut dowels (if necessary) according to PDF build plans.

Sand and stain/paint the pieces before assembling if you want them to be contrasting. For the brass rods, you definitely want to finish the wood pieces before assembling.

If using a belt sander to sand your small pieces (like me), make sure to use leather or thick gloves to protect the tips of your fingers.

I did not at first… and now I am missing the skin on two fingers. Please learn from my mistakes!

Sanding the pieces on a belt sander.

STEP 3- Assemble the Necklace Stand

Start assembling the base of the jewelry stand by placing glue in the hole on the bottom circle. Then press the dowel/rod into the hole.

Next glue the top piece to the top of the dowel. Add glue into the hole on the top piece and press them together.

Slide the dowels/rods into the holes on the top of the necklace holder and center them.

Measuring the brass rods with a ruler to make sure they are centered on the DIY necklace stand.

For the dowel necklace holder, I didn’t have to glue the dowels in. They were snug enough without it and took some muscles to get them centered.

For the brass rods, I had more room so I glued the rods into the holes. This eliminated any wiggling and made them straight in the holes.

Once the rods are centered, slide them out a little bit and add the glue to the center. Then slide the rod back in and quickly re-center. Remember super glue dries fast!

Adding glue to the rods on the top.

Now you are all done and ready to load up your new DIY necklace stand!

Don’t forget to grab the printable PDF plans here!

Printable mini plans include:

  • Recommended Tools
  • Shopping/materials list
  • Easy to read cut list table
  • X-ray view with measurements
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • BONUS: 3D SketchUp file
  • BONUS: PDF and SVG templates
Close up view of the center piece of the DIY necklace holder with brass rods.

Whether you made the brass or dowel necklace holder, you are going to love this fun DIY!

And you will love how beautiful your jewelry looks displayed on it’s new stand.

Pink stained dowels and oak DIY necklace stand.

Happy building!

-Kati with picture of blog author Kati
Brass and wood DIY necklace holder with necklaces and bracelets hanging on it.