15 Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas


It’s no secret I love to DIY all things in our home. DIYing everything from our remodel to our decor helps me to create a beautiful house on a budget. Creating our own decor pieces in our home means I can get exactly what I want. No need to worry about if the pieces you like are too big or too small, just DIY it and it will be perfect. And DIYing it yourself doesn’t mean it has to be hard, there are so many beautiful things you can create. So today I thought I would share 10 easy DIY home decor ideas so you can add a little DIY to your space.


Vintage Inspired Farmhouse Fireplace Reveal

I love this vintage inspired farmhouse fireplace. DIY your own fireplace with new white hexagon tile on a budget. Love the white tiles and gray grout. Farmhouse fireplace reveal from Housefulofhandmade.com

It’s done! It’s done! I can’t believe it’s done. When we moved into our house 10 years ago, our fireplace was surrounded by wood paneling. Unfortunately all our before pictures were lost on an old hard drive, so I can’t show you how truly awful it was. But trust me, it was awful. Our house was built in the late 70s so you can only imagine what a wood paneling fireplace with no mantle looked like. Over the years I have made baby step improvements, but now it is completely done! I am so excited to finally share our vintage inspired farmhouse fireplace reveal.


Lavender Lemon Water Recipe

Turn your lemon water into something extra special. This lavender lemon water recipe is the perfect refreshment for a hot afternoon, Sunday brunch, or rustic wedding. | Housefulofhandmade.com

Happy third day of summer! I know it has technically only been summer for 3 days, but I feel like it’s been summer all month long. My kids already have tan lines from their swim suits because we have been swimming that much! And it’s been really hot here, especially this week, we’ve been 100 degrees or really close to it all week, which means we are drinking tons of water. For a little variety in the gallons and gallons of water we drink each day, I decided to play around with another fun flavored water combination. The result, a slightly rustic (but calming) Lavender Lemon Water recipe that can be thrown together without even breaking a sweat!


The Wednesday Showcase {37}


It’s time for the Wednesday Showcase link party! Did you have a fun Father’s Day weekend? We played so hard, just what daddy needed after a couple crazy months at work. It was fun to just ignore all the daily stuff and play. I think we need to do that more as a family, just ignore the piles of laundry and the unfinished home projects and spend the day at the pool, or hiking, or hanging with friends. I hope you got a chance to ignore the tedium of life and enjoy some family time too. Now we are back to getting things done so come link up to our party and check out the amazing features we have this week.


Concrete Firework Picture Holders and Patriotic Mantle Reveal

I love DIY cement projects. Make these easy paint dipped cement firework picture holders to add some pictures of all your summer fun to your 4th of July decor. | Housefulofhandmade.com

I have one more 4th of July decor project for you, then I promise I will be done with my July mantle and will start on some more nautical summer decor. I needed one more thing to make my mantle look finished. I have lots of patriotic decor, but I wanted to add some personal things. I needed some pictures, therefore I needed something to display them. I happened to have a quarter of a bag of concrete left over from my umbrella stand taking up room in the garage so I decided it was time to use it up and I made these paint dipped concrete firework picture holders.


Garden Update: One Month after Planting

It's been a month since I planted the garden and things are growing. Today I am talking about my favorite fertilizer, tomato supports, and the storm of the century! | Housefulofhandmade.com

It’s been just over 1 month since we planted our vegetable garden. Sometimes I just like to go outside and stare at the little plants growing (okay, they are not really growing fast enough for me to watch, but I swear I they feel better knowing I am watching them). Most of my plants are growing very well, for some reason my swiss chard seems to be struggling, but it usually does better for me in the fall. I have even eaten two little cherry tomatoes off my tomato plant. Everything was looking so happy until Monday…


4th of July Food Place Card Clips

Make your 4th of July barbecue festive with these easy to make 4th of July food place card clips. Includes a free printable patriotic food cards. | Housefulofhandmade.com

I am into all thing patriotic right now! Red, white and blue… I’ll take it. U.. S.. and A.. yes please. Today’s super simple 10 minute craft is a result of seeing something patriotic in the store and buying it cause, well, it was perfect for the 4th of July, and then finding the right craft for them. So what do you do when you need to use up some USA letters? Make 4th of July food place card clips of course.


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