• Coffee Station Reveal

    I am sooooooo excited to cross this project off my list, finally! I started building the console in June 2015. I got the console built and in the house pretty quickly (all except the drawers). Set up our Keurig and started using it. Sadly, I was content with a 90% finished console and none of the other fantastic coffee accessories… Read More

    Coffee Station Reveal
  • How to Build & Protect a Wood Vanity Top

    I couldn’t be more excited to share today’s remodel update! Working on a DIY bathroom renovation can sometimes mean it takes a bit more time than usual. However, our bathroom remodel has taken even longer than it probably should have. It has been almost 8 years since we ripped out our tiny, dated, disgusting master bathroom. But today, we are one large… Read More

    How to Build & Protect a Wood Vanity Top
  • How to Build a Woodshop on a Budget

    I am working hard (or hardly working) on our master bathroom vanity! I spent the whole day in the garage on Monday, but it was such a mess from all the other projects I have been working on, so I spent the day cleaning and organizing instead of building. Now I have a place to build the vanity and this coming week there is… Read More

    How to Build a Woodshop on a Budget
  • Nautical Art Display Wall

    You may remember that I have been (not so speedily) remodeling our dining room. I have done 90% of the room, but I am not so great at finishing the last 10%.  My basement still has baseboards that need to be caulked and we remodeled that 10 years ago, it’s ready for a redo. But I have been slowly working… Read More

    Nautical Art Display Wall
  • Dining Room Remodel To Do List

    For my next big remodel project, I am finishing up the dining room.  Since my kitchen and dining room are one big area, the new kitchen island really got me excited to finish this room completely.  Last month I built a built-in-bench for storage, so now I just need to finish everything up (sometimes I am bad at completely finishing a project with… Read More

    Dining Room Remodel To Do List