Free Digital Backgrounds for June

Celebrate the beginning of summer with these beautiful watercolor sea shells on your smartphone and computer. Download your free digital backgrounds for June today! |

Whoot whoot, it’s summer! Okay, technically it isn’t summer until June 20 but to me Memorial weekend is the start of summer. There will be cooler mornings here in Utah, but the days get so nice and warm (and not too hot yet so we can actually be outside for long periods of time). Also all the swimming pools open up, which definitely means summer to me. So let’s just say it’s summer. And since it’s a new month, it means new free digital backgrounds for June!


Master Bathroom Update- Installing Baseboards and Door Trim

This week we installed baseboards into the master bathroom. While I continue to struggle with installing baseboards and door trim, I am really great at filling in any gaps with this cheater trick! |

This week I knew I wasn’t going to get anything too big done in the bathroom. I’ve had a busy week with lots of end of school stuff. But I am trying to at least get one thing done each week so I can creep closer to a beautifully remodeled master bathroom (hey it’s been 7 years in the making, what’s a few more months right?). But this week I knew I could make time for installing baseboards and door trim since bathrooms are relatively small.


Last Day of School Coloring Page Printables

Capture your last day of school memories with these fun Last Day of School Coloring Page printables. |

Yes! Summer is almost here. I cannot believe how excited I am to not have anywhere to go first thing every morning. I am pretty sure we will spend our entire first week of summer vacation in our pajamas, just lounging around doing nothing but bing-watching Netflix. But we have another week until our last day of school so I guess we need to be productive so we can make it to the finish. My first order of productivity is getting last day of school printables made (so I don’t forget or wait till the last minute and then end up just not doing them anyway).


DIY Rustic Chalkboard Herb Drying Rack

Make drying your herbs a part of your decor with this DIY rustic chalkboard herb drying rack. It's made from an old palette and makes preserving herbs beautiful. |

I was really excited that this year as soon as the weather started warming up, my herbs that I planted last year or the year before just started growing. I did absolutely nothing and I already have lots of fresh herbs to start cooking with. I even found little tiny dill plants in my flower garden that apparently are growing from seeds that fell when my dill plant went to seed last year. I’m a huge fan of perennials so I don’t have to think about planting every year, and putting my herbs in my flower garden has been one of my best decisions yet!


How to Install a Drip Watering System for the Garden

Ever wondered how to install a drip watering system for the garden? It is really easy to do and makes watering your garden so easy. Check out this great tutorial! |

After getting the garden planted I am usually exhausted. It is hard work and takes me about 6 hours in the hot sun. So after I take a couple days to relax and nurse my sunburnt shoulders (you’d think I’d remember to apply extra sunscreen cause every year my shoulders get a little pink), it’s time to get back out there for one more day of work to install a drip watering system for the garden.


Outdoor Adventure Bag Gift for Dad

Are you always looking for the perfect gifts for dad? Make this fun outdoor adventure bag gift so you are always ready for summer adventures. |

It dawned on me today that there are just over 2 weeks left in our school year! Holy cow, summer is coming and FAST! I have to admit I am so excited for lazy mornings and afternoons at the pool. I am looking forward to summer and no more of this hustle and bustle that I am learning comes with the end of the school year. Between field trips, programs and PTA, I am ready for a few weeks of quiet. But then it’s Father’s Day and I know exactly what my husband will want to do to celebrate… go hiking!


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