DIY Plywood Dollhouse

Tools you need

– Circular saw with plywood blade – Circular saw guides like the Kreg RipCut  or AccuCut – Jig saw – Drill – 16 gauge finishing nailer – Measuring tape

Supplies you need

– 1 sheet of 1/2″ plywood + scrap piece or 1/4 sheet – 1/4″ plywood – 1 1/4″ finishing nails – wood glue

This dollhouse can be made with just over one sheet of plywood.


Breakdown the plywood for the exterior frame, walls and floor from the 1/2" thick plywood according to the plans.

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Use the circular saw with guide tracks to break down the plywood. Drill holes in the corners of the doors and windows. Cut between them with the jig saw to create cutouts.

When cutting sections out of the plywood, cut just to the lines with the top of the circular saw This will leave the bottom still attached (because of the curved saw blade). Then use the jig saw to complete the cut.

Quick Tip

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Cut the roof pieces from the 1/4″ plywood according to the plans. To assemble the dollhouse, start at the bottom. Attach the front of the house and then the side walls with wood glue and the 1 1/4″ nails.


Now you want to add the bottom floor inner walls and top it off with the second floor. Continue adding the walls and floors all the way up.




Move onto the front entryway of the house and add the side wall and front wall. To add the roof to the top of the entryway, cut the side of the roof boards at a 22 1/2 degree angle so they fit together nicely. 

Quick Tip Add wheels to the bottom of the dollhouse to make it easier to move around for lots of play time!

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Add the roof pieces to the dollhouse. Cut the roof pieces from the 1/4″ plywood. If you have to buy a second sheet, you can use the 1/2″ plywood as well.



Personalize your dollhouse by adding paint/wallpaper/stain to the house. Really make it your own!


The Result

A beautiful handmade dollhouse about the size of a bookcase. The wheels make it so easy to move it out for play, and wheel it back to save space! 

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